Noavaran Electronic Iranian Apadana, company was founded in 2008 with absolute ownership private sector with the goal of excellence in the design and manufacture of switching power supplies industrial and telecommunications, technology based on advanced "SOFT SWITCHING" circuits.

The company is in the Shiraz,Iran and with registration number 28068 was registered in Iran Business Registration Office and succeeded in obtaining a license from the Ministry of Industry and Trade was Founded.

The company has design and construction of the first model in 2011 and obtaining confirmations chargers telecommunications company Telecom Rock and Module manufacturers market the Telecommunications Chargers.

Needs and gaps in other industries resulted in the design and manufacture power supplies and other electronic products to customer design and now has more than ten product to customer design, production and been exploited.

Research and development (R&D) companies employ skilled and creative minds experts and cohesive teamwork and the use of technical knowledge in the world, with all its efforts to meet the needs of actual and potential customers.

Administrative and technical staff of the company are required to adhere to three principles and objectives, including customer requirements, customer rights and applying customer feedback to continuously improve their products and services. Objectives, principles and practice of staff in achieving the goals has long directly by the CEO's evaluation and monitoring.

Company in terms of technology and design hardware circuits and software is not dependent on any foreign and domestic companies and freehold spiritual goods belonging to Noavaran Electronic Iranian Apadana and is the company's research and development team.

In this regard, the need to import specialized electronic components from reliable manufacturers to meet the domestic needs of external causes another part of the company for the import of specialized components, and the main directly. It now requires companies to provide other electronic components directly from foreign reputable companies charge.

Director of Public Relations and International Affairs         01.01.2018

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